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Take advantage of our design center

If you have big plans for your next home project, then you will undoubtedly benefit from the expertise of our in-house design team and our wide selection of products. We offer the very best products, carefully selected to offer outstanding quality and beautiful style.

Why work with a professional?

Here at House of Color, you’ll enjoy the difference it can make to have expert designers on the job for your project. Your home is uniquely yours, in style and feel. Our designers can help make sure that your new selections fit your home, while adding that extra wow factor.

Remodeling or home building is so much more comfortable with a professional at the helm. Consider the savings you’ll gain, across the board, in budgeting, time, and inconvenience that can often come when attempting a remodel alone.
Design Center in Findlay, OH area from House of Color
Here at House of Color, our staff takes pride in being easy to work with. We make sure to create, supply and install an end-product that you will love. After all these years in the Findlay, Ohio area, our great reputation speaks for itself.

So, let’s find out more.

Here at house of color we offer full service design consultation.


Tile design

There are many different patterns and decorative tiles that you can use to give your home a unique and interesting look. It may be as simple as a diagonal pattern or as complicated as a five tile combination. Below are some examples of different tile patterns that can be installed.

Patterns & designs

There are various patterns and fabulous details that can be used to give your space a custom look. Below are some examples.